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Company introduction

Company name: Taizhou Phoenix Travel Agency Limited company
Registered in 2003 June license No.: L-ZJ-GN09066
Company address: Taizhou city Jiaojiang District Cloud Road No. 309
The company Agency ( Institutions ): office, human resources department, financial department, liaison department, the Department of tune,
Marketing department, the Department of tour guides
Company business: the domestic tourism business
Travel advisory: tailored for you to knit warm journey
To undertake the group : to provide you with a comfortable safe trip
Business visit: for your good planning business activities
Ticket reservations: for your fast convenience
Legal representative: Chen Haiping
General manager: Chen Haiping

The order of the Phoenix emblem to" phoenix" of the first initial" F.H" to form element, the deformation of a" phoenix return map", the overall vision and strong, clear and concise, it and the order of the Phoenix name complement each other.
The image itself is" and" product concepts, not only natural" and", said the human society", and" pattern is implied meaning: people for the pursuit of luck, longing for nature and beauty, harmonious emotional desire. Also called showing people: Tourism and wandering, chicken wind to leak out, and the day of the Phoenix trip.
Pattern design seems to mutual" together", give a person with infinite daydream, imperceptibly to impart a phoenix" concentric, create, share" team and an information.
The whole pattern with golden yellow as the keynote. Golden is a brilliant luster color, it is nature of supreme pure color, symbolizes the enterprise infinite development space and the special brilliant future. With black purple Pinyin, appears to have a sense of security, rightly said that Phoenix would create a safe, comfortable, and the phoenix tour, good luck and happiness to you.

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·New year's day two special tours
·New year's Day Tour
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: Zhejiang province Taizhou city Jiaojiang District Cloud Road No. 309 ( Ruijing Park )

Phone: 0576-88800555, 88800556

Zip code: 318000

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